Rain Chains Make Ordinary Rainy Days Go Away

If you're looking to add a melodious sound to your garden while leading rain water down to your rain barrel or decorative ceramic bowl, then look no further; a rain chain may be the unique item you're looking for. Rain chains are chain links with decorative trinkets or cups attached to them that allow for rain water to catch along the links and cups, creating a lovely sound and display on ordinary rainy days.

Originating in Japan and called "Kusari Doi," these beautiful rain chains are presently used as an alternative to household rain gutters and pipes. The history of these wonderful rain chains date back hundreds of years, where Japanese households and temples would utilize them for collecting water and saving it for later use. Even today, rain chains are being utilized in households for the same purpose, making these ornate items functional for both your home and landscape.

Usually made out of copper, rain chains will naturally develop a vivid green patina over time from rain water and the elements. The simple function and visual aesthetics add to the appeal of rain chains, but let's not forget the wonderful sound of water running down a chain. For those who practice or are familiar with the art of Feng Shui, rain chains like metal wind chimes provide a wonderful sound that activates positive ch'i or flow of energy. It never hurts to have a bit of positive energy flowing about!

Rain chains are also great for adding an ornate appeal to rain barrels and for replacing that boring aluminum piping or rain gutter that came with your house. Unlike the rain gutter and piping systems, rain chains will not easily become clogged with debris or matter. To install a rain chain over your rain barrel or water saving system, simply hang the chain from the hole where the spout was originally located. If the hole is much too big for the chain to hang from, you can usually order or purchase a special kit to reduce the size of the hole. And for those of you who are looking to create a Zen-like display in your garden with the addition of a rain chain, be sure to consider adding a large ceramic pot filled halfway with small garden rocks that you can purchase from your local hardware store.


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